5 Ways To A Better Future

Currently, Hindu festivals have initiated all over the world that will be continued throughout the year, from Diwali to Holi. 

We often come across various news channels and discover the adulteration in milk, mawa, and other ingredients that are used for festive sweets and celebrations or so on. 

Mawa, Paneer

However, our regular sellers also do the same periodically. It’s not only about sweet suppliers but also about the general items and jewelry sellers who can be also involved in the adulteration of the raw materials since every businessman prefers to earn more. 

Nevertheless, when we buy things like chocolates to munch or gift somebody, it too doesn’t give us any benefit as we consume a considerable amount of chemical. Despite knowing the fact we prefer chemical loaded chocolate, junk Items, etc. 


Consequently, what should be our benefitable steps in that circumstance?

Should we stop eating sweets or should we stop giving presents? Instead of doing that we can take tiny steps.

For instance:

1) First of all, you should stop trusting the advertisements done by big companies and stop buying their products. The human brain gets influenced by their advertisements whereas they simply earn more by making a double profit.

Rather we can buy Indian products and support Indian productions like Amul or any other productions according to our knowledge.

2) Secondly, let’s talk over gifts we occasionally buy. 

A. You can purchase plants that cost less than a chocolate bar. Generally, a chocolate bar costs 20 to 30 rupees which is reasonably high in comparison to the price of plants. Another similar way to this idea can be collecting seeds of grains and vegetables like wheat, tomatoes, cauliflowers. You can collect them in a pouch and make them presentable. 

Plant Seeds

B. If you prefer sweets over anything else, you can prepare them at home instead of buying them from the local market. During the lockdown, many of us have mastered different skills like cooking and baking. You can prepare sweets made of jaggery, coconut, and milk at a very cheap price. For example, coconut laddus.

You can use this method more often because homemade sweets can enhance the quality of your offerings. You can shine among your friends and relatives if your presentation and skill stand out. 

C. Traditional pottery lamp (Diya) has been used by our community for many decades. You can buy them from potters or else make them at home. If you’re concerned about the price of colors and the influence they on our environment, you can simply use turmeric, Multani mud, channa, etc. to make herbal colors. This process can be less money consuming, eco-friendly, and entitled to be gifted to your loved ones.


D. Cards or paper bags, these are some popular elegant gift options which were massively used in earlier times. You can reuse old wedding cards and newspapers to make a hand made gift card instead of buying one. If you don’t want to reuse old papers to make a gift card, you can use them in packing stuff on Diwali. It’ll be a natural way to reduce the use of polyethylene.

Handmade Bags

E. Lastly, you will find minor businessmen around you, among your friends and relatives; who can’t promote their products well. Their quality may not be the best but you can give that a try to examine the quality. You’ll certainly get their products at a cheap price since they also want to celebrate the festival.

Therefore, we should try to purchase and consume Indian products avoiding foreign products, and normalize the procedure of gifting handmade items to our friends and relatives. 

It’s a request, take one step towards this initiative and others can certainly follow you to make a change.

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