Discover Your Trueself

🌌Discover Your Trueself 🌌

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom,are the lines given by Aristotle,

But most of us don’t know what we desire to be and hence life becomes just a rottle.

Today, maybe you don’t have to be the best,

maybe people will accept you the way you are,

maybe others opinion about you is not so important.

For your mind goes up and for your mind goes down,

You just start to think about things and frown.

Remind yourself that you are love,

Don’t blind yourself to the fleeting moments of hate,

We must all encounter and endure,

Learn from the things you want to improve the most.

Remain simultaneously true to the heart of your joy,

A smiling face,that doesn’t age,does not stop shy,

of living with bliss, hit or miss,all you must do is just mind yourself.

You are a seeker, seeking beauty, seeking truth 

And to deny yourself the journey of self-discovery,

For the sake of comfort, It is a travesty of your heart

and the one who created it!

Forsaking the crowd is never easy, leave the pack

And be alone a wolf,

But you can never find the piece of yourself by preserving the status quo,

That you have been missing a lot.

The part of you that ties you with your destiny.

The piece of your puzzle,That fits perfectly to the place.

Never consider your shortcomings, your weakness.

Instead, make it your strength,

Whether its physical, mental, complexion, or your length.

Love yourself the way you are, invoking respect for life.

Just discover yourself in nature’s genuine wonders,

By making a lovely portrait and a piece of you

That makes you come alive.

Now is the time, when you can do a lot,

Revolutionalize the world with your velour,

Don’t run behind the fake world,


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