Mom Love

Mom ❤️

A mother is the one who can take place of others , but her place can take..

Dear Mom, You are the vector of my life who gives a lot of magnitude to strengths along with direction.

You are an amazing homosapien and my stimulant.

You are like my amplifier who amplifies me

You are my north pole and I am south…our choices varies…But gauss law says ” magnetic monopoles donot exist”.

Mom I love your moods as Alternating current and love you even more than Graham’s number.

My life is sometimes full of black holes..the only person who pull me out is you.

You are counter- Intuitive like quantum mechanics, and like quantum particles we are entangled.

Just like double slit experiment explain most of the physics… similarly you explains most of my life.

Your love to your children is like pascal’s law…where pressure is exerted anywhere and transmitted equally in all direction.

You are like an electric bulb who lighten up my life.

Just as rectifier converts ac to dc.. similarly you convert my up and down Alternating life into direct one daily.

You are everything to me ..Love you mamma ❤️

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  1. This is the sweetest post ever! This line really got to me “You are like an electric bulb who lighten up my life.” I love how you use science to relate to something that is out of this world. A mother’s love is so powerful. Thanks for sharing.

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