Discover Your Trueself

🌌Discover Your Trueself 🌌

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom,are the lines given by Aristotle,But most of us don’t know what we desire to be and hence life becomes just a rottle. Today, maybe you don’t have to be the best, maybe people will accept you the way you are. For your mind goes up and for your mind goes down, You just start to think about things and frown…

Mom Love

Mom ❤️

A mother is the one who can take place of others , but her place no.one can take.. Dear Mom, You are the vector of my life who gives a lot of magnitude to strengths along with direction. You are an amazing homosapien and my stimulant. You are like my amplifier who amplifies me You are my north pole and I am south…our choices varies…But gauss law says ” magnetic monopoles donot exist”. Mom I …

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