Top 14 Common Skincare Mistakes That Might Be Destroying Your Skin

Skincare Mistakes That Might Be Destroying Your Skin!

Good Skincare leads to healthy, happy-looking skin and that is something we all agree, after all, no one wants to have dull, skin. The Skincare industry is famous and so is the word itself. And we, dear little minions, don’t always know the right things and might end up by making more Skincare mistakes than often.

So there’s always a need to be cautious before slathering our face with unknown beauty products and so-called Skincare Tips with no background research. So today, I collected together The Top 14 Skincare Mistakes that you might be making and, now, need to start to avoid with the help of dermatologists.

1. Not Knowing Your Skin Type

The very first biggest mistake that you might be doing is not knowing your skin type.

There is a reason why dermatologists say it is important to know your skin type because that’s the very basic thing you start your skincare from.

Skincare is not about applying highly raved products available online especially if you don’t even know what is your skin type.

Instead, you should end up harming your skin and end up spending high amounts of money to save your skin from the blunder you created.

2. Not Exfoliating/ Over Exfoliating

Exfoliation is the basic step in skincare. Not doing it cause you could end doing dull, lifeless due to the dead skin cells piled onto your face with help from the oh-so-great polluted environment. Overdoing it could be the cause of the most common biggest skincare mistake by stripping away the natural oils from your face.

Board-certified dermatologist Carolyn Jacob, founder and director of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology says that,

Over-scrubbing is not wise because it causes inflammation and may worsen many conditions like rosacea, acne and sensitive-skin.


3. Going To Sleep With Makeup On

Coming home after a party or a working day, all we want to do is just lie down and have a beautiful sleep at night but as Andrea Rodriguez of Chalet Cosmetics points out sleeping with makeup causes future breakouts, and also causes premature aging.

So go to sleep only after doing your night-time skincare routine like – wash your face with soap or face wash.

4. Touching Your Face Too Often

Now, this is often something we all realize and are guilty of but need to avoid. Touching and scratching your face might provide you some temporal relief but what you don’t know is that you simply might be increasing the probabilities of you getting infections and diseases.

Not to forget, you don’t even know where your hands may need been or what they need touched.

5. Applying Too Many Products

The 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine is being raved about lately and has become intensely popular and other people are following up and stocking their online carts with tons of skincare products and this is often where they’re going wrong.

What they don’t know is Koreans themselves have admitted to not doing this on a day to day . What one must know is that one product already features a lot of ingredients in it and, applying too many products to your skin will find yourself it being overworked.

Our skin must breathe but instead, by doing this you would possibly find yourself damaging it. Once during a while, this luxury is sweet but not on a daily basis, Never.

6. It’s Not Always Good To Go The Natural Way

Going the natural way isn’t always better especially if you don’t skills harmful it might be . It might be natural and organic, but also dangerous at an equivalent time. Sad but true.

Lemon is one such ingredient that folks are boasting of those days, not knowing the very fact that lemon is extremely acidic in its natural form and if applied on the face it could build up skin irritation and worse, give burns for all times .

Just like that using physical scrubs containing granules and nuts shells could cause micro-tears in your skin, which could damage your skin within the long run.

7. Oh…How Can We Forget Our favorite? Popping Pimples

pimples was one guilty pleasure we could all admit But that has been proved even as dangerous and stupid over time.

It could lead on to infections and scars, and in fact , even more pimples with the bacteria you spread on your skin while popping it.

It’s tempting, I agree, but I warn you here to avoid this error if you don’t want to ask more pimples and hyper pigmentation.

8. Not Making Sunscreen A Must In Your Skincare Routine

This is far and away one among the foremost common skincare mistakes people do for several years, of which, you’ll be a neighborhood of. It’s vital to understand that sunscreen protects you from harmful UV rays and prevents premature aging and carcinoma.

Elizabeth Tanzi, founder, director of Capital Laser & Skin Care and associate clinical professor, department of dermatology at the George Washington University Medical Center recommends putting on mineral sunscreen containing Zinc and Titanium instead of chemical ones.

9. The Dangers Of A Bad Diet

It’s rightly said You are what you eat! Most people fall during this category otherwise you could one among the lucky ones blessed good genes that allow you to eat what you would like without it being shown on your face. But sadly, for many folks , this isn’t true.

So, if you would like beautiful, healthy-looking skin you better start avoiding these food intakes! Or better yet, eat in moderation.

  • Refined grains and sugar (e.g. white rice and rice noodles)
  • Dairy products
  • Foods rich in Omega-6 fats
  • Foods you could particularly be sensitive to.
  • Fast Food

Instead invest yourself into more veggies and fruits!

10. Dirty Makeup Brushes

You love makeup but could be ruining your skin with this little or no silly skincare mistake. Those age-old forever unwashed makeup brushes might be the rationale for your breakouts, breakouts, and more breakouts.

These dirty little makeup brushes become dry and abrasive after being caked with makeup and have a tendency to irritate your skin and be the rationale for your breakouts. So start washing them or suffer forever.

11. The Correct Order Of Your Skincare Products

According to Dr. Heather Rogers, a board-certified dermatologist and dermatological surgeon,

Applying skincare products properly is extremely important if you would like your skincare products to be simple.”

And to travel the proper way is to make sure that you simply layer your products with the thinnest consistency to thickest, or from liquid to cream.

your sunscreen should always be the last! And there you go, make it your general rule of thumb.

12. Not Cleaning Your Sheets & Pillowcases….Oh! And Your Dear Little Phone

This may need already been known to you and you would possibly just be neglecting it for the very fact that you simply are lazy or don’t consider important.

Better start taking note of experts that suggest changing your pillowcases every two days thanks to the build-up of oils, dirt, and sweat from daily use.

These unwashed pillowcases harbor bacteria and can cause breakouts.Also, do not forget to start disinfecting your phone daily with an alcohol wipe for the same reason given above.

13. The Need For Skincare Knowledge

Skincare is an investment that we all got to agree on. It requires both time & money.

Spending some time knowing the ingredients in your products.

I can not tell you the ways how important it is to start increasing your knowledge within the field of ingredients as you would like to understand what you apply to your skin without blindly following the hypes created within the market.

What could be good for others won’t be good for you, cause you never know what ingredient you’ll be sensitive too and might find yourself destroying your skin altogether. So start researching and increase your knowledge.

14. Not Using A Toner

Many don’t consider applying toner as a necessary step in their skincare routine. That being said we can’t just ignore the advantages a toner provides.

Toner balances the PH level of your skin which cleansing lowers it. It provides an extra level of hydration.

A little tip for you guys that a DIY Rosewater or Fermented Rice water toner will do the needful for you!

There you go, lovelies! All the required Skincare mistakes you would possibly be making and wish to start out avoiding ASAP. And remember Patience may be a virtue which our skin needs it! So twiddling my thumbs and humble together with your skin and let it breathe.

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