Abhijita Gupta Youngest Writer

7 Year Old Indian Girl Is Now World’s Youngest Author

Abhijita Gupta, 7 years old Indian girl, awarded for being the world’s youngest author by the International Book of Records. She has also been named as a ‘Grandmaster in Writing’ by the Asia Book of Records.

Who Is She?

She has composed her first book titled ‘Happiness All Around ‘, which was recently launched by Oxford Bookstores’ children’s wing, Oxford Junior. she is studying in a class 2nd at Presidium School, Indirapuram, and also a third-generation good writer. She is quite an eager reader and very expressive with her mind.

What She Said About Her Ability?

She said that Thoughts keep coming into my mind and I keep writing about the things I see, hear or touch. I had like to express myself either it’s through stories or poems, it doesn’t matter at all. The only thing I like is to think and write about positive ideas or things because my parents always ask me to stay positive and not to give up.

What Her Mother Said About Her?

Her mother Anupriya Gupta said that she wrote the whole story with only one or two spelling mistakes to give us a surprise. We were shocked when we got to know about her capability of writing skills.”

Her stories and poems were written from the circle around her parents, nature, and friendship, among other subjects. The book, which published by Invincible Publisher of Gurugram/Gurgaon, has also ten poems and 4 stories, and the illustrations have also been finished by Abhijita. The first story of her was The Elephants Advice and her first poem was A Sunny Day both are included in the book.

How She Utilised COVID-19 Lockdown?

She utilized the Covid-19 lockdown to do most of her writing since it served as a great way to channelize her emotions, and feel positive. Of course, she didn’t know that one day her passion would earn her global recognition or identification.

What is her Future Plan?

Nowadays she is working on her next book these days. She says, “It will be titled We Will Surely Sustain, and it is about me and other kids’ perspective on pandemic and its effect on kids.”

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