Arham Om Talsania Class 2 Ahmedabad Student Becomes The World's Youngest Programmer

Arham Om Talsania Becomes The World’s Youngest Programmer

Class 2nd Student Arham Om Talsania Enters World’s Youngest Computer Programmer by clearing the “Python programming language exam” conducted at Pearson VueTest Center by Microsoft on January 23, 2020, also scored 900 out of 1000 marks in the exam.

Who is He?

Arham Om Talsania, the Class 2nd student cleared the Microsoft certification exam at Pearson VUE test center.

How come he achieved this?

His father Om Talsania who is a software engineer and his father said that his son had developed an interest in coding and he taught him the basics of programming.

He started his study when he was 2 years old. When he was 3 years old, he bought gadgets with iOS and Windows. Later, he got to know that his father was working already on Python.

When he earned his certificate in Python, he was creating small games. After some time, they asked him to send some proof of his work. After a few months later, they approved him and then he got the Guinness World Record certificate.”

How his school helped in his achievement?

Arham’s school, The Udgam School for Children in Ahmedabad also played an important role.
“Udgam has programs like LogIQids, which introduces the concept of logical reasoning to the students from senior kg.

The school generally uses online platforms like – Extramarks and Microsoft Teams that introduce kids to online-class computing.
Using these programs as a 1st-grade student really opens up a child’s exposure to technology,” concludes his father.

How did his father had helped him? and what he says about his son?

Arham has always been this curious child who wanted to learn something new every day.
He is hooked to playing games on a tablet, smartphone but mostly games that involve tons of brainpower games.

His curiosity for various computing devices was so high that by the time when he turned three, Arham ended up this using all kinds of Operating Systems.

Android, Windows, and iOS. At the age of 5, he already knew all the quality programming apps which children typically learn once when they’re in Class 6, such as Scratch and Tynker.

He was mainly interested in what was happening behind the scenes — how a game developed, how it works” says Om Talsania who is Arham’s father, who is a software engineer.

“I taught him the fundamentals of programming and he started developing his own games. He also recognized as a Microsoft technology associate. We applied for Guinness Book World record also.” he said.

Currently what he is working on?

He’s currently busy in building video games – continuous working on both 2D and 3D versions, a text-based game, all at the same time. He plans to release them soon.

What are his Future plans?

Arham’s dream is to be a business entrepreneur and help everyone.

I want to form a business entrepreneur and I wish to create a special robot.

I want to develop apps, games, and systems for coding. I also want to help the needy.

I love playing the piano during my leisure.

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