Best Fictions By Kasie West

Best Fictions By Kasie West For Beginners

If you haven’t heard of Kasie West, well now is the time. Kasie West is an author of YA fiction and personally, she is my favorite (not that anybody asked). So here are 7 Best fictions by Kasie West to try for beginners :

1. The Fill-in Boyfriend

Gia, a high schooler, gets dumped by her boyfriend, Bradley, at her prom. So, she convinces the witness of all this, another boy, to be her pretend-to-be-boyfriend ahead of her friends.

2. The Distance Between Us

Caymen works in her mom’s doll-shop and when he was young age, he believes that the rich are not the ones for her. But the entry of Xander, who is exactly the type of guy she believes is not trustable, changes everything she ever believed and finds out that money has a much bigger role in her life with a tale.

3. Fame, Fate and The First Kiss

Lacey is a 17-year-old who is about to debut as a lead actress in a zombie movie. But soon she learns that the world of the spotlight is not so glamorous as it looks in the dream. She tries to bond together with her costars, tries to handle her new tutor, Donavan, and balance her school and work life. But soon a new problem arises which sets her a little back…

4. Moment of Truth

Hadley, a sixteen-year-old, passionate about swimming wants a scholarship for college. But on one of her swim-meet, a guy dressed up as a famous Hollywood action hero, Heath Hall, distracts her and this made her lose her meet. This drives her to find out his real identity with her best friend. But this mask has a lot of secrets!

5. Maybe This Time

Sophie works at a local floral shop in her small hometown. Her real passion is to be a fashion designer in New York.

Andrew is the son of a famous chef. They both meet at nine events, throughout the year, and are given nine chances by fate to fall in love.

The catch? Its all complicated, but maybe complicated isn’t that bad…

6. On The Fence

Charlie is the only sister and female in her family consisting of three older brothers and her father. She has been, all her life, playing basketball and football and loves to run. Her life takes a run too when her father orders her to require a summer job, which she eventually gets in a boutique with a twist. To escape from all her worries, she sneaks into her backyard talking to herself and her neighbor, whose name is Braden, who might not know all of her secrets. Or does he?

7. Listen To Your Heart

When it comes to podcast hosting, Kate is definitely not the one you want to go to. But when it comes to being out in the lake, she is the one. But unfortunately, she has been selected as a podcast host by her teacher. The catch? There’s a lover boy calling from the booth asking for advice on how to impress her best friend. Shh…I’m listening.

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