Things Which We Should Do/Do Not As A Beginner Drawing Artist

The Simple Things We Should Do As A Beginner Drawing Artist

What should you focus on first as a beginner drawing artist? Is it appropriate to say it’s your artistic style? What are you going to write about? What is your motivation for making art? To be honest, you won’t be able to master any of them until you’ve mastered the bedrock of all talent: discipline.

Beginner artists must understand these concepts prior to drawing in order to make fewer mistakes.


While drawing we must note which kind of materials we’re using.


After getting a little hold on your drawing you can purchase Drawing Books that are available in markets. I am just suggesting the cheap and best option here.

As a beginner, you have to start your practice work from the least price materials and then you can switch to other sheets or High GSM Drawing Books, drawing sheets, ivory sheets, etc.


You must use normal pencils like an apsara, Nataraja some pencils in starting. They’re lower scale pencils of HB/B/2B which are enough to practice.
Then after learning stroking and shading, you can buy those pencils which are specialized for sketch purposes & also can use high scale pencils or graphite, charcoal pencils according to your requirement.



Do ☑ :
Make sure while erasing your eraser must be clean, otherwise, it will smudge other portions of your drawing and will spoil your work

Don’t ❎ :
Do not buy colorful/Toy erasers for drawing purpose it will leave dark impressions on your drawing it will look awful even if your work is beautiful.


DO ☑:
Before using scale wipe it from hankie or cloth. Because sometimes the pencil’s lead content may be left on that and it may stick on paper.

Don’t ❎:
Don’t use broken scales or scratched ones.


DO ☑:
Firstly you have to draw a thin outline without stressing the pencil on your paper and then later once you are done with the whole outline of it then you can use a dark scale pencil or else sketch/marker pens to increase its darkness.

Don’t ❎:
Don’t stress pencil at the beginning while drawing because while correcting the flaws of your sketch you might have to erase it. and if you do so then your sheet may get torn while erasing or else while drawing too.
And no doubt it will leave scars and impression lines of pencils.


DO ☑:
While drawing on sheet use ” plywood pad or a long book with a soft surface or a table” which can be referred to as a support system.

Don’t ❎:
While sketching on the book don’t stress your pencils it will form marks on the rest of the papers behind your sketch.

Instead, you can place or keep any waste A4sheet or pamphlets behind of your sketch before starting, so that even if you stress on paper it will leave mark on those waste sheets, and the rest of the sheets will be safe and clean to use.


DO ☑:
Remove your bangles or bracelets, and if you having the habit of wearing full sleeves then you can fold it off till you finish your work.

Don’t ❎:
Don’t wear ornaments while drawing it will smudge your sketch lines as well leave an impression on your sketch and also spoil the shading effects of your work. and it may act as a disturbance too.


DO ☑:

  • If you are a beginner drawing artist then you can use ‘Earbuds’ for blending purposes or ‘Fingers’ too.
    And once you’re habitual to sketch a typical one then use “Blending stumps and brushes ” for blending purpose.
  • Use tissue paper behind your hand so that smearing by hands while sketching can be avoided by it and also if sweat persists from your palm then also your sketch will not be damaged.
  • While shading you can use low scale pencils at first then you can resume further using higher scale pencils for finishing touch. It will lend perfectly shading as well as a realistic one.

Don’t ❎:

  • Clean your finger with a cloth after blending a certain area otherwise, those lead powder or pencil may impact other portion where is no necessity of shading & it will leave unusual black spots.
  • Don’t use only an earbud for a single sketch instead use more. Because every part of the sketch demands different shading it might be a darker one or light or medium one so we can’t use a single earbud here. Using clean earbuds is the best option.

DIY Homemade Blending Stump :

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