Top 10 Grooming Tips For Men

Top 10 Grooming Tips For Men

Here I am providing you following Top 10 Grooming tips for men –

1. Get your haircut as often as Necessary

If you have short hair you can wait for 3 to 4 weeks or depends on your hair growth But if you have long hair you can wait for two months or maybe more but the thing is if you are waiting for more than 2-month long hair can become curly and if you are not taking care of your hair you can cause a problem of hair fall so it’s necessary to get a haircut as often.


Tip:- you don’t have to shampoo your hair every day it can cause damage to your hair so if you want healthy hair just don’t shampoo your hair every day And As per the scientific research if you wash your hair every day with shampoo it will dry your scalp and it will damage your scalp so it will cause a problem of hair fall.

2. Facial hair or body hair

First, you have to understand that there are three ways to groom your facial hair. Either you grow out your beard entirely and then take care of it but this is a long process.

Facial Hair cut
  • Or either you can stylize your beard And take care of the patchy beard
  • Secondary facial hair that means you have to take care of your ear hairs and make sure that eyebrows are not one, Take care of your nose hairs

Body hair
If you have back hair or chest hair and it’s growing so you should take care of them because it can cause a stink on your body And it’s not good for your relationship because if you stink nobody is going to like you and especially girls they like a good smell.

3. Skin Care

When you go out the dirt particles can fill into your pores As well as the pollution and it can damage your facial skin so you have to wash your face twice a day when you come home use a face wash one time in the night and exfoliate your face skin three times in a week and use a moisturizer afterward.

Skin Care For Men

If you will follow this for a month you will be going to see a glow on your face. And if you want to make this easier then you should use sunscreen SPF 40 when going out in the sun.

4. Take Care Of Nails

If you are not taking care of your nails then you should start from today and if you have long nails so just keep them clean and try to keep them clean as often as possible because people can see your hand nails and for toenails, You should cut them and keep them clean.

Take Care of Nails

5. Use Deodorant

You need to wear Deodorant every day I know it sounds basic and it sounds simple but there are certain guys who don’t use deodorant every day And it’s not good because The winter season starts and in winter we usually take bath after one day That is why we have to use Deodorant every day so we smell good and by using deodorant I didn’t mean that you have to empty your deodorant can over you You just have to spray 2 times on your body.
Tip:- if you don’t want to use deodorant then you can go for body stick and use it for your underarms.

6. Wear Washed Clothes

You have to wear washed clothes so you don’t smell bad and by that I mean if you are doing everything you are taking care of your hair, facial hair, using deodorant, but not wearing washed.
Clothes that can cause a problem because your clothes have not been washed for days now so it can mask your good smell and turn into a bad smell so try to wash your clothes very often.

Tip:- use a detergent without fragrance so it will not be going to mask your good smell.

7. Drink More Water

Soft drinks cause damage to your body, and alcohol dehydrates your body and if you are drinking more soft drinks it means that you are giving more sugar to your body and that is not good for your weight and cause problems to your skin so if you want your skin to look good you have to drink more water.

Drink More Water

8. Brush your teeth twice a week with Charcoal or Baking Soda

A smile is the best way to make friends but also to impress anybody. The whiter your teeth, The better people are going to think about your hygiene, and a lot of people notice these. So you have to make sure that you are taking care of your teeth.

Brush Your Teeths

9. Apply lotion to your whole body

Yeah, Apply lotion to your whole body. As soon as you come after the bath apply lotion to your face and body because dry and ashy skin is not attractive and when coming out of the bath your skin is already hydrated from water and so you just have to contain the hydration that is why we have to apply lotion to our body.

10. Dark patches on your knee or your elbow

Dark patches is not a good thing to have so take care of them by scrubbing them or using lotion because if you have a light skin color but you have dark patches you will not going to wear half t-shirt just because of insecurity so make sure you scrub them at least twice a week.

If you want me to share cheap remedies for this I will be happy to share my routine which I do without any expensive product just leave a comment and I will be happy to share it with you guys.

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