5 Crucial Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

5 Crucial Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

While being in a Relationship have you ever thought that you’re happy but still your happiness isn’t up to your expectations? It happens when you’re in an abusive relationship, you don’t even acknowledge that. By the term of an abusive relationship, it doesn’t refer to physical abuse always. It generally causes mental trauma which leads your sanity towards an absurd situation.

Surprisingly, most of the people who are surviving in a toxic situation doesn’t have a clue that they are in an abusive relationship. The concept of a toxic relationship remains blurred to the people until it causes them a severe loss.

Here are the 5 most crucial signs that show you are in a toxic relationship…

1. You Don’t Have Time For Yourself

Self-love is the key to all happiness. However, there must be a time when a boy or a girl gets into a relationship and he or she can hardly remember that they have a life too. After a whole hectic day of talking about adjustments, solving the problems, thinking about your partners, did you ever try to think about

What you have done for yourself in the last 24 hours?

You realize you haven’t eaten properly, you forgot to take a bath, you have missed your favorite tv show, you haven’t talked to your parents well. If you’re doing all this to yourself, undoubtedly you have one point to add to your sanity that you’re in a toxic relationship.

2. You’re Disconnecting Yourself From Your Friends

If you’re forced or requested by your partner to maintain distance with your friends; male or female, you should know something is not going right. A human can never have any substitute for every single relationship. The way an individual needs his/her parents, a partner, he/she definitely needs a friend or a bunch of friends.

Nothing can ever fill the place of a friend in an individual’s life. Every person holds different importance in life. It has to be your call whom you want to be friends with if you’re mature enough. No one can decide your connections. If your partner is forcing you to cut off with your friends, it can be another hidden sign of a toxic relationship.

3. Your Focus Shifts From Your Career To Your Partner

Ever felt that “I don’t care about studies and career. I only want to focus on my relationship. I can’t live without him/her”

And your partner isn’t stopping you to do that. He/she is letting you distract yourself from everything except for them. You’re spending hours of your precious time chatting with them, hanging out, talking overnight. And if you’re not willing to do it, they are stating that you don’t give them enough time. It’s completely next to a mental influence they cause you.

Therefore, that’s the third sign of a toxic relationship.

4. You Can’t Do Anything That Your Partner Doesn’t Like

First of all, a person should never try to change his/her partner after stepping into a relationship. If he/she had fallen in love with you, accepting all the perfect and imperfect viewpoints of you, he/she has no right to change your choice, point of view, and decisions after getting into the relationship.

In this whole world, there is only one thing you can claim, you can say ‘it’s mine’. And that is your own life. It should be the way you want it to be like.

Unless the decision makes a change in your partner’s life, you don’t need to let him/her take the action.

  • Do you have to inform your partner if you are going somewhere?
  • Do you need to ask for his/her permission before going anywhere?
  • Do they interrupt you before doing anything you like?

There can be many more questions. If the answer is ‘YES’, something is not healthy in your relationship.

5. You’re Always Emotionally Manipulated

When you realize there’s something wrong, you aren’t treated well by your partner, you aren’t free to live your life on your own terms you try to break the barrier and get yourself free from the shackles or you try to fix the problem with your partner.

However, instead of reaching a factual conclusion, they try to influence you by their sentiments, like emotional confessions, expressing their love, apologizing for thousands of time which literally doesn’t lead to any proper solution and you end up accepting your partner again without even taking up an effective initiative.

Toxicity is something that destroys you gradually. You won’t sense something tragic at once. Like a slow poison, it extracts all the peace, happiness, and ambitions from your life. Nonetheless, you hang between happiness and sorrow. It’s high time to find out the unhealthy aspects of your relationship and make a reliable decision to save yourself from this slow poison.

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