5 books i wish i read it earlier

5 books i wish, i read it earlier started from when i was 21 years old, i was watching videos wasting my time on stupid games. Then one day my sister’s friend gifted her novel. i was curious about the book so i started reading it and completed “IKIGAI” within a week. That was my first novel and then i started reading other novels and after some time started reading about financial literacy and found this novels from google.

1. The Magic Of Thinking Big

The book describes the power of positive thinking and how we may build a brighter future just by adopting an optimistic attitude and envisioning it in our thoughts first. The book demonstrates how you don’t have to be extraordinarily bright or unusual to achieve success; you simply have to think in a way that encourages achievement.

Author:- David Schwartz
Published On:- 2016

5 Books I Wish I Read It Earlier

My personal experience with this has been fantastic. This book covers a lot of ground when it comes to positive thinking. If you’re feeling lost in life, you should read this book.

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2. Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich explores the psychological power of imagination and the brain in the developing your career for both monetary and personal success. This is a self-help classic that was first published in 1937 and is a must-read for investors and entrepreneurs.

Author:- Napoleon hill
Published On:- 1937

5 Books I Wish I Read It Earlier

I’m still reading this book 🙂

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3. Show Your Work

Show Your Work is a personal ideology for completing creative work of any kind. If you do anything that demands personal expression – which is just much everything – you’ll be inspired by Kleon’s take on doing what you love.

Author:- Austin Kleon
Published On:- 2014

5 Books I Wish I Read It Earlier

This book teaches you how to improve your creativity buy sharing.

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4. The Compound Effect

The compound effect is a tactic for reaping enormous gains from apparently tiny activities. You can’t enhance something until you measure it first. Take full responsibility for everything that happens to you.

Author:- Darren Hardy
Published On:- 2010

5 Books I Wish I Read It Earlier

The Compound Effect is not immediately evident, but it forms an exponential change curve over time. Try it

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5. Any Thing You Want

Sivers shares his experience and the lessons he learnt while building CD Baby in Anything You Want. Sivers discusses his experience and the lessons he learnt while developing CD Baby and constructing a business near to his heart in Anything You Want.

Author:- Darren Hardy
Published On:- 2011

5 Books I Wish I Read It Earlier

This book is fantastic! Derek is the business owner’s business owner. Equally essential, if not more so, he is a fantastic instructor. Whether recounting the intriguing growth of Cd Baby, describing catastrophic (but typical) founder errors, or educating me about relational databases in two minutes using analogies

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