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Health Exercise Tips To Keep In Mind In Summer

The cold, late winter mornings are now a thing of the past; The mercury is rising now. While we did enjoy these slow winter mornings, Fitness enthusiasts are happy to get back to their active workout routines now. As we look forward to getting back in shape this summer; here are some health exercise tips to keep in mind while working out in hot weather.

Keep A Check On What You Eat

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With summer approaching, it is important to factor in the hot and humid weather while planning one’s fitness regime and diet. Saloni Mehra, a nutritionist explains, ” It is commonly believed that we put on more weight during winter. While that may be partly true, it is more likely for one to put on weight during summer. Our beverage intake is more during summer. We often reach out for cold drinks that have a very high sugar content and that will lead to weight gain. In addition to this, food items like ice creams or salads with rich dressings can also lead to weight gain during summer.” Mehra goes on to talk about the importance of eating healthy during summer, One should eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Sticking to a routine.

1. Flexibility is key when it comes to the workout schedule. Exercise Tips for Good Health

Summers can get harsh and unpredictable too. So, before planning a workout routine it is important to check the weather. It’s important to be flexible with one’s fitness routine, especially during summers. On particularly hot days, one can go cycling in the mornings or even opt for a swimming session instead of hitting the gym. It is important to shorten your workout routines during summers or take more breaks in between to avoid overheating. It is necessary to take into account the weather before doing any exercise. Outdoor workouts should only be done in the early hours of the day or after the sun sets. Indoor workouts at home or at gyms are preferable during summers”

2. Keep In Mind: Working Out During Summer V/S During Winter

About the advantages of working out during summer, “Working out during winters usually means that your body has to work harder to burn the calories. Also, the chances of injury are more during cold weather. Those wishing to work on their muscles should opt to work out during hot weather. Working out during summers increases the stress load of your training, which means that you don’t have to put in too much effort to burn calories. As little as five sessions of temperature exercise are enough to increase the heart rate.”

3. Keep These Exercise Tips in Mind for Better Health

  • Avoid workout during the hottest part of the day.
  • Wear light-colored and lightweight clothes
  • Always wear sunscreen when working out outdoors
  • Keep hydrating yourself
  • Never stretch yourself to the point where feeling really exhausted; know when to stop you start
  • Take plenty of breaks in between
  • Opt for shorter workout routines

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