Top 5 guitarists you should know

Top 5 Guitar Players

Hello Folks, How are you? Now I am telling you about the top GUITAR PLAYERS whom I like very much.

1. Marcin Patrzalek –

Marcin Patrzałek (born October 6, 2000) is a guitarist, composer and creator of the Polish percussive finger style.

He is renowned for combining the techniques of fingerstyle, percussive guitar, and electronic and orchestral development.

In 2015, he gained attention after winning the ninth edition of Must Be The Music, the Polish talent show. The award was 100,000 Polish złoty for the promotion of his music on the Polish radio station RMF FM and an additional 100,000 złoty.
He continued to release his debut album HUSH after local success, the release of which was followed by singles including the percussive arrangement of Isaac Albéniz’s “Asturias” by Patrzalek. The video of the arrangement was released by CandyRat Records’ fingerstyle label. Due to numerous viral releases online, Patrzałek’s popularity expanded rapidly beyond Polish borders in subsequent years.

His videos were posted both independently and by prominent publishers such as Metal Hammer and Classic FM.
The performances of Patrzalek have accrued about 100 million views online, with his solo acoustic guitar arrangements of Beethoven’s fifth symphony being the key contributors to this figure.

2. Alexandr Mistko –

Alexandr Misko is a stunning new breed of modern guitarist in the finger type. The 22-year-old Russian already has shows all over the world and has also appeared in his homeland and other countries on TV.

Misko manages to break through to new heights by never losing sight of the underlying music by taking influences from the musicians who invented and expanded this guitar style.

He is a passionate and enthusiastic artist who has gone on to release four solo albums as he has gained a supportive fan base around the world for his organic approach to publishing music.

3. Luca Stricangnoli –

Luca Stricagnoli is an acoustic guitarist who was born and raised in Italy and is known for his distinctive style and innovative playing techniques.

His original approach to music has led him to a number of milestones, from receiving over 100 million views of his music videos to having the chance to perform all over the world.

Luca constantly leaves his audiences in awe and wondering what’s next for the up-and-coming guitarist by using up to five guitars in the same piece, changed capos, and self-conceived stratagems. Luca brings to the stage, in addition to his musical skills, an infectious spirit that attracts concert requests from every corner of the world.

His music has appeared in various magazines and TV channels and has drawn the attention of world-renowned artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Walk Off The Earth bands.

Luca has recently released a new album called “What if?” In which he explores yet more approaches to guitar playing.

With over 40 million views online, the first track of the album, featuring a new guitar created by him and designed by Davide Serracini, once again achieved viral success and was released by magazines around the world, such as NME, Spiegel, and La Repubblica.
The album tour, featuring award-winning singer-songwriter and loop-station-artist Meg Pfeiffer, spanned ten countries in Europe, Asia, and North America and continues to go on.

4. Amin Toufani –

With his impressive guitar skills that made the audience clap and dance, Amin Toufani, a talented Pakistani, won the first prize at the John F. Kennedy School of Government talent show.

With his impressive guitar skills that made the audience clap and dance, Amin Toufani, a talented Pakistani, won the first prize at the John F. Kennedy School of Government talent show.

5. Andrew Foy –

He has attracted over 2.5 million subscribers and is renowned for his YouTube covers of popular songs. His most watched YouTube uploads include versions of the single “Maps” from Maroon 5 and the hit “Let Her Go” from Passenger.

Before Fame
In late 2011, when he was just ten years old, he posted his first YouTube video, a cover of the Pink Panther Theme Song.

In early 2015, he recorded a cover of the Hozier hit “Take Me to Church”.

Family Life
He was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, a part of a family of both Korean and European descent. He has a sister named Renee, and Nikki is the name of his mother.

Associated With
He met actress Jennette McCurdy in Las Vegas in 2013.

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